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Tesla Owners Club Italy vice-president Pierpaolo Zampini is touring in a Tesla, naturally, and has been driving around Australia for three weeks.


A Dutchman did it and now an Italian is following suit – travelling the world in an EV, including Australia.

He was able to use one of Evee’s Tesla Model S cars, shared by its Australian owner.

Zampini travelled from Sydney to Adelaide to Townsville along the coast and then back through inland routes, visiting main cities as well as remote locations where electric cars haven’t been seen before.

He documented the 5000km Tesla trip on social media as part of his global mission to demonstrate EVs are not just the future but already present and available to many shortly.


Dutchman Wiebe Wakker has just completed a similar EV journey in a converted Volkswagen station wagon around Australia, driving 95,000km from Amsterdam to Sydney where he finished on April 7.

He’s now continuing his EV trip in New Zealand during May to July before returning home to write a book about it, saying it has proved the viability of EVs.

Zampini is the chief executive officer of Ecolibera, a property development company which provides “Energy Plus” housing solutions in Italy and is helping with his EV journey.

The homes produce all the energy needed with zero emissions, mainly through solar panels, enough even for an electric car.

Once back in Italy, the Ecolibera Tesla will stop in Asti, where the first Energy Plus house is taking shape.

It’s a villa that can be disconnected from the electricity grid and aims to have a zero power bill, the energy coming from a 20kW photovoltaic system which combines with a 42kWh Tesla Powerwall to recharge an electric car and power home utilities.

Since 2016, Zampini has traversed Europe, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and now Australia.

He is heading to Japan next.

Evee founder Slava Kozlovskii says his company helped make Zampini’s Australian visit possible.

“We are the only Australian platform providing Tesla [and soon other EVs] for rent,” he says.

“The owner of the vehicle was also very happy to share his car with a fellow Tesla enthusiast from Italy.

This is a great example of the global EV owners’ community wanting to connect and share their cars with each other.

“Zampini’s Australian tour proves that long distance travel in an EV is already a reality – a view not currently shared by many in Australia, especially the Government,” he says.

“When someone from a different country can land here for the first time and immediately set off to drive 5000km in just three weeks, it defeats the very notion of range anxiety.”

Kozlovskii says Zampini’s drive is the longest road trip an Evee customer has undertaken.

“Many don’t realise that there are more power sockets in more remote areas than petrol stations.
And each of those power sockets is a source of energy for your electric car.”

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